Issues affecting NC Senate District 40

Economic Development

District 40 needs a senator who understands economic development issues, is prepared to aggressively pursue job opportunities, knows how to protect against unnecessary regulations, has direct experience assessing tax-based incentives and in balancing individual and business interests.


Bobbie Shields –

· Developed Mecklenburg County’s first tax incentive assessment tool;

· Administered Mecklenburg County’s subdivision and land development ordinances;

· Worked with industry to streamline the regulatory process;

· Led the public effort to bring baseball back to Charlotte;

· Earned an MBA from UNC-Charlotte;

· Served on the Charlotte Chamber Board of Advisors;

· Served as Interim Assessor for Mecklenburg County;

· Is a small business owner;

· Served as Interim Mecklenburg County Manager;

· Is a board member of University City Partners and the Hidden Valley Community Development Corporation;

· Has more than forty years of economic development experience.


District 40 needs a senator who understands the importance of strategic infrastructure investments, community development, safety in the built environment. and appreciates the unique infrastructure needs of North Carolina's urban and rural communities.   


Bobbie Shields –

· Is a licensed civil engineer with training and professional experience in infrastructure development;

· Managed Mecklenburg County’s Capital Improvement Program;

· Worked eleven years in the electrical power industry;

· Provided staff support for transportation and community planning;

· Led park land acquisition and park development efforts;

· Directed development of a storm water utility/funding mechanism;

· Served as a county drainage commissioner;

· Directed planning and construction of various county facilities; 

Has been involved with public infrastructure development for more than forty years. 


District 40 needs a senator who has first-hand knowledge of career technical education, the importance of STEM education, the need for civic and social awareness, the critical need for research in institutes of higher education, the importance of mentoring and linkages between the criminal justice system and educational deficiencies.


Bobbie Shields –

· Served as an advisor for a STEM pilot program;

· Recommended funding for education and criminal justice needs;

· Advocated for funding for school nurses;

· Served on engineering advisory board for UNC-Charlotte;

· Is aware of the impact that implicit bias has on student achievement;

· Is a parent of three CMS graduates;

· Directed development of a school construction/building code team;

· Has mentored several secondary school and college students;

· Is an advocate for more educational rigor; 

· Taught engineering technology courses at UNC-Charlotte.